Why FMS? Save time & money

Threaded items can be measured by the machinist and also while the item is still in the machine.

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Thread Denominations

Standard abbreviations for thread denominations.

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Delivery Time for FMS

For items in stock delivery is a work day after an order has been received. For items not in stock usually max 3 work weeks.

Email and we can say if what you want is in stock.

What can FMS measure?

As far as we know pitch diameter on all thread types.

Also minor diameter (d1) ands major diameter (D) on most.

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FMS Thread Products
Thread Types & FMS
FMS User Instruction

FMS thread measurement can be carried out at the machine by the machine operator.

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FMS Measurement Accuracy
Digital Caliper Accessories
Thread Plug and Ring Gauges

In most cases Thread Gauges for smaller standard threads are usually reasonably priced although, if gauges are for non-standard threads or to be calibrated regularly, cost increases.

FMS Prices

Perhaps the best method for measuring external and internal threads affordably.

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Measuring Thread Diameters...

other than pitch diameters d2 and D2

Measuring d and D1 is easy. FMS can make thread inserts for measuring diameters d1 and D. It is a normal requirement that d1 be measured on UNJ and MJ threads.

Calibration Certification

FMS calibration plates can be supplied with a calibration certificate from an authorized laboratory.

Thread Gauge Calibration

If it is a requirement that thread gauges are to be calibrated how often is this done and how much does it cost? If threads are measured with FMS then upper and lower thread pitch diameter limits can be avoided and thus reduce wear on gauges. Calibration frequency can logically be much less often.

Free Thread Information

As a customer all thread information (tolerances and similar) will be given free of charge. Assuming we can answer.

Currency Conversation

Prices are given in EURO (€) but can be found in your own currency.

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FMS Thread Measurement Range

Re thread diameter the answer to that is “How long is your digital caliper?”

4 pairs of FMS thread insert types 21, 22 and 23 can measure a pitch range from 0.5mm–8mm/48 TPI–3 TPI threads with a 55º to 80º flank angle.

Measure Thread Pitch Diameter

External & Internal

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Measure internal thread pitch diameter
Measure metric and UN thread pitch diameter
Measure taper thread pitch diameter
Measure taper pipe threads
Measure ACME Tr Trapezoid threads
Digital caliper accessories
Buttress thread measurement inserts
ACME thread measurement inserts
TR Trapezoidal thread measurement inserts
Thread information and pitch diameter tolerances

Innengewindesteigungsdurchmesser messen
Messung des Gewindesteigungsdurchmessers
Mesurer le diamètre du pas de filetage interne
Mida el diámetro del paso de la rosca interna
la medida diámetro de paso de rosca
Misurare il diametro primitivo della filettatura interna
Måle indvendig gevind delediameter
Cèliáng nèi luówén zhōng jìng
измерить внутреннийдиаметр шага резьбы